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mission 101

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mission 101

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the ones we love kate
I revised my 101 Things in 1001 Days list (original found here) quite a bit, and since I don't think I've even MENTIONED it here yet, I figured I'd post the updated list here, so people have an idea of what I'm up to. I'm asking to not be judged for this... some of these goals are pretty personal, but I'm posting them anyway.

1. Donate 100,000 grains on Freerice.com.
2. Take 1,001 pictures. (Not necessarily 1/day, but I DO want some gradual progress and change shown)
3. Learn to knit and complete 4 projects. (My grandmother is gonna teach me this summer when we visit)
4. Complete 3 assignments on Learning to Love You More.
5. Get more into jewelry making, especially macramé.
6. Start and keep up pop can tab collecting again. (Did this for a while and had hundreds... quite fun to make bracelets with)
7. Make a big collage.
8. Make/buy a wall calendar for 2009 and use it.
9. Rearrange my bedroom.
10. Put more stuff up on my bedroom walls.
11. Fill one garbage bag per month with trash/junk from my room. (I REALLY want to fix my messy-room problem for good.)
12. Clean out my favorites on my computer.
13. Take 100 photos of 100 things I love and make an album/scrapbook. (Yes, they can be part of the 1,001 - or not)
14. Make a collage-style notebook.
15. Memorize 5 different albums.
16. Memorize the list of Best Picture Oscar winners.
17. Finish seeing AFI's top 100 movies.
18. Paint something on a canvas and hang it up.
19. Make a denim quilt. (Found an awesome video tutorial online - great way to use up those old, ripped jeans)
20. Clean/reorganize jump drive.
21. Try a red velvet cake.
22. Improve typing accuracy.
23. Make 5 different types of smoothies. (I know, I'm a nerd - but we finally have a blender and I really want to try this)
24. Complete the 100 pushups program.
25. Do Script Frenzy at least once.
26. Beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on N64.
27. Beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii.
28. Pick at least 10 of my books to sell/donate.
29. Reach 4,500 posts on SAYS.
30. See at least 4/5 Best Picture nominees each year.
31. Try 3 new foods.
32. Subscribe to Entertainment Weekly.
33. Handmake at least part of every gift I give.
34. Post 64 times on LJ.
35. Learn to write with my left hand.
36. Eat 5 types of apples I've never had before. (Just noticed how all the food-related ones are so randomly scattered...)
37. Go people-watching 10 times and write about it.

38. Stay with him and keep our relationship strong.
39. Tell him I love him as soon as I know for sure.
40. Go stargazing with him.
41. Do something spontaneous for him.
42. Leave 5 anonymous notes in places someone (preferably a stranger) will find them.
43. Fall asleep in someone's arms.
44. Take mom to dinner 3 times.
45. Send Drew a care package.
46. Tell Dad I love him after every phone call.
47. Visit someone unexpectedly.
48. Tell someone I dislike why I dislike them.

49. Maintain 3.8 or above each year for the rest of high school.
50. Get 30 or above on the ACT.
51. Join choir my junior year.
52. Try out for drum major at the end of junior year.
53. Get 100% or above on a science test.
54. Complete French II and III online by end of junior year.
55. Get scholarships/financial aid for college.
56. Apply to Gettysburg and at least 2 backups.
57. Graduate with an honors diploma.

58. Write one novel-length story.
59. Write 10 short/novella-length stories.
60. Fill up a notebook with poetry.
61. Fill up a notebook with lists (NOT to-do lists).
62. Fill up two journals with day-to-day entries.
63. Finish reading all the books I own.
64. Reread all the Harry Potter books.
65. Read a Norman Mailer novel.
66. Read a Truman Capote novel.
67. Read another Jane Austen novel.

68. Take a road trip by myself.
69. Take a road trip with Drew.
70. Go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
71. Have a picnic.
72. Have at least one epic Silly String fight.
73. Have a huge snowball fight.
74. Go for a midnight walk. Take pictures of the stars.
75. Go to a bookstore/library, pick a book and read it all there, without leaving or buying/checking out the book.
76. Stay up for 48 consecutive hours.

77. Pay mom back in full for the car damage.
78. Keep spare change in a mints tin in purse and empty into bottle whenever full.
79. Save $1001.
80. Save up for a laptop.

81. Donate blood at school when I'm 17.
82. Get my drivers' license.
83. Grow my hair out and never cut more than 2 inches at a time.
84. Try something new with my hair.
85. Stop biting fingernails for 2 weeks.
86. Spend 10 non-consecutive days consuming nothing but water.
87. Find a vegetable I like and eat more of it.
88. Find a facial cleanser that doesn't hurt my skin and use it regularly for at least a month.
89. Stop using foundation altogether.
90. Drop another jeans size.
91. Cut out all soda except for diet.
92. Bike twice a week during warm weather.
93. Find a swimsuit I love to wear.
94. Go to one school dance per year, even if I'm single at the time.
95. Let a spider crawl onto my arm without screaming.
96. Learn to think logically when I'm angry and think before I speak.
97. Worry less and become more positive and carefree.
98. Stop using God's name in vain.
99. Find NLT bible and carry it with me most of the time.
100. Read all of the New Testament.
101. Keep my relationship with God strong.
I'll be posting any updates on mission 101 from now on, aside from the occasional mention here.
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