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the surrounding light

here's hoping to a GOOD day

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here's hoping to a GOOD day

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Today's my birthday "party," if you want to call it - basically a movie day with friends. There will be cupcakes and other junk food, which I suppose helps with the party aspect. I hope it goes, and that everyone can come. I have a good feeling about it... my friends really aren't the dramatic type, and there are just a few coming - only my best guy friend, two close girl friends, and my boyfriend.

Only about a month left of school... I want it to end so much. Yesterday it was about 80 degrees, and after school my boyfriend and I spent more than an hour lying in a big grassy field near his house, just letting the sun shine on us. It made me remember how much I miss summer, and how much I want it this year more than I ever have.

I'm trying to make my computer run faster. I've deleted all the programs we can do without and gone through a zillion files; I've gotten the used memory down to a little over a fourth of the total capacity. I'm not noticing much difference in the running speed, though. Does anyone have suggestions? I've run a defrag a couple of times (in between mass cleanouts), but that doesn't seem to do much.
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